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Inspiring Kids Is The Absolute Best

Published February 20, 2018 by authorbebedora
Just returned from lunch with two new second grade friends! They invited me back to show me the stories I inspired them to write in my last visit, and to gab about writing! Seeing their excited faces totally made my day.  (I spent an hour last month chatting with my son’s former second grade teacher’s new class about being a writer. I brought one of my hard copy edit MS, my maps, my outlines.  They were so impressed that I wrote it ALL BY MYSELF.  😉 )
Let me tell you, these two young ladies have both come up with incredibly complex storylines, and one even has her book already planned as part one of a series! Their ideas, their imaginations–unbelievable.
There are days where I scream and cry, feel like I’m not cut out to be even trying this writer business. Days I want to give up. But then I meet kids like this. Their eagerness, their determination, their sheer joy in creating something fantastical–reminds me one of the reasons why I do what I do.
Yes, I write to entertain readers. Hell, I write to entertain myself. I write because I enjoy it. But there’s another aspect, one that I think might be overlooked–and shouldn’t be. It’s important to think about how your writing (and your attitude about writing) affects others, especially young people. A visit to a classroom to talk to kids about writing a book turned into a wonderful opportunity to mentor young writers. Their questions were great, and I think they genuinely loved what advice and encouragement I had to offer. I left that classroom feeling so wonderful, so fulfilled. To think that I could inspire two young girls to go out there, give it a try, and see what they could come up with was thrilling.
If you’re given the opportunity to mentor anyone in whatever field you’re in–DO IT. You never know how much it means to someone until you see the look on their face, hear the excitement in their voice. The next generation is out there, and they’re eager for someone to show them the ropes, to let them see that whatever they desire to be or do can be achieved–and has been achieved. That there’s no limit to the incredible potential they have within themselves.
I’m looking forward to our next visit in a couple months, and I can’t wait to see how much progress my new friends have made on their fantasy books.

File Under: “Author Mom Problems”

Published July 21, 2017 by authorbebedora

Me: Monkey, I’m going to try and work for a while, so quietly play your game, alright?

Kid: Sure, Mom. (45 seconds later) Hey, Mom? How many license points does Vaan need to…

Me: Monkey! I said quietly! Please don’t talk to me, ok? I really want to get something done.

Kid: Ok, Mom. (45 seconds later.) So, who do you have as your party leader? Basch or Fran?

Me: *facepalm* It’s a matter of personal preference, ok? So, PLEASE stop asking me questions.

Kid: You got it, Mom. (a minute later) So, do you think I should spend my LP on HP upgrades or…

Me: (internally screaming)


And now, he’s in the basement wailing on his drums.  He got a new splash cymbal yesterday.  Coupled with a double-bass pedal, I can only say that it’s loud.  VERY LOUD.  Looks like my work will have to wait…



Published December 29, 2015 by authorbebedora

When Mama wants to write, you’d think video games would keep the beast occupied. Mama was wrong. This actually happened in our house mere minutes ago.

Boy: Mom, can I play Skyrim?
Me: Sure! That means I can get some writing done while you play.
Boy: (5 minutes later) I hate these dumb Draugr! Can you help me beat them?
Me: (looks at the meager five sentences I have written and sighs) Yes, gimme the controller. (tries to play) Wait, why don’t you have an enchanted weapon? Where are all your Elven arrows? You came into a barrow with NO HEALING POTIONS?
[Mom beats Draugr, despite horrible weapon selection]
Boy: Thank you!
Me: Now please play quietly so I can work on my chapter, ok?
Boy: (literally ten seconds later) *makes loud screeching noise every time he fires an arrow*
Me: *facepalm*

I tried to write for thirty minutes, I got exactly one paragraph down. And I immediately highlighted it for future edits because I’m fairly sure it won’t live to see another day.

But at least the boy is entertained, happily assisting the Stormcloaks fight their way into Whiterun. That’s my boy.

Things I Have Found in My Child’s Bed.

Published July 27, 2015 by authorbebedora

*Cheerios (have also been found in his nose)


*Lego Mini-figures

*Lego Mini-figure heads

*A vintage Ellen Ripley action figure


*A sharpened pencil

*Black Manta action figure

*One sock

*plastic zombies

*a rubber snake (has also appeared in his pillowcase)


*pipe cleaners

*a lightsaber

*plastic centipede

*plastic human skull (half-scale)

*more Legos

*Band-Aids (used and new)

*jelly beans

*Dry-erase markers (caps optional)

*Construction paper


*Fake Money

*A real shark tooth

*Die-cast F/A-18 Hornet


*And, on occasion…him.