Deadlines, schmedlines…

Published December 4, 2016 by authorbebedora

December 31st.

That’s in twenty-eight days, people.  Less than a month to complete the first draft of my novel.  I have (maybe) four chapters and an epilogue left to tackle.  I’m hopeful I can get them all written, but with the holidays and some other stuff going on, it’ll be a photo-finish for sure.  But, I’m up for a challenge any day.

I’ve never given myself a deadline before.  I was hesitant to do it this time around.  But, I realized that if I didn’t, I’d be piddling around on this thing forever with no end in sight.  I  needed something to work for, and once I set that date, it was game on.  There were times where I thought for sure I’d fail and miss the deadline.  (One of those times was just last week when the shit hit the fan in our family.)  But, we persevere, recover and take life by the horns and hang on for dear life.

I’m confident I’ll finish on time.  I’m excited (and terrified) to finish on time.  When it’s done, that means that there’s still a bazillion things left to do.  Edit.  Edit some more.  Edit again.  Send it to my beta.  Edit again.  Then–publish?  OMG I can’t even.  But I’m nothing if not determined.  Bring it on.

Twenty-eight days.



Big news!

Published November 21, 2016 by authorbebedora



Guess what has a title?

Also, guess who originally thought she had ten-ish chapters to go to complete the first draft of her book, but now probably only has five?

That’s right.  I’m one happy gal right about now.  And excited.  And nervous.  Time to take this year-end deadline by the horns and show it who’s boss.

The Journey To A Title

Published November 3, 2016 by authorbebedora

Anyone who has been following this journey  knows that titles are the absolute bane of my existence. I hate them. I hate them even more than clowns and the St. Louis Cardinals. (and I *HATE* the Cardinals.)

A month or so ago, I had tentatively proclaimed that I had potential titles. Then I second-guessed myself. I mean, the title is what readers see first, it’s what draws them in. (Well, that and awesome cover art, let’s face it.)

Well, today, I think I may have actually done it. You know, DECIDED. I’m giving myself a while to ruminate on it, as well as get some very trusted opinions, but…barring any unforeseen circumstances, I may just be slapping a name on this damn thing soon.

Cross your fingers.

A year already?

Published October 30, 2016 by authorbebedora

This morning, Facebook reminded me of something.

One year ago, I wrote the first “non-outline” sentence of my novel.

Looking back, it’s been quite a ride so far. When I started this journey, I knew I could finish–I just didn’t know how long it would take. A year out, I’ve made incredible progress, considering that I need to take three months off completely in the summer because the little dude is home will me ALL THE TIME. (Also, let’s not forget about the six weeks I had pneumonia in the winter and didn’t want to do jack shit.)

It’s amazing to see what has changed with the novel in that time. The characters FINALLY have names (that took forever…), and the plot is now heavily outlined and pieced into chapter bits. We won’t speak about how neither the book nor the series are still sans titles. The original characters are pretty much how I originally planned them to be–with one major exception.

My main male protagonist has had a very abrupt (and much-needed) career change from the original plan. He went from nerdy scholar to (still kind of nerdy) alchemist. It was the best decision I ever mad. Yes, the change happened after I had completed three chapters, and resulted in me having to re-write said chapters (thankfully, I was able to salvage a lot of text for recycling) and update my (at the time) small outline, but the resulting idea was so much better, not only for continuity and ease on my part, but for the story arc itself. The change also gave my character fancy new amulet to play with instead of a sacred book–which is both much easier for him to tote around on his adventures and makes more sense in the story.

Since that day when I looked over to my husband on the couch and said, “This book shit just got real,” I’ve knocked out a prologue, an interlude and twenty-nine chapters. I’m still shooting for my year-end deadline–whether or not I make it is another story. Having realized last night that there will be more chapters to go than I originally planned when I set my deadline, I’m still going to try my damndest to complete on time. If I do, huzzah! If I don’t, I’ll still be proud of what I’ve accomplished and set another deadline.

So, here’s to a year.

And what a year it’s been.


Published October 14, 2016 by authorbebedora

What inspires you?

For me and my story at-large, it’s the world around me.  I watch television shows about far-off lands and can see my environment unfold before my eyes.  I attended my brother’s wedding, and decided that one of my characters needed to tie the knot.  Walking through a hedge maze this last summer gave me a great idea for a perilous situation for my heroes.

When I was writing fanfic, it was the existing stories and canon.  Don’t like a situation a character was placed in?  Change it and call it AU!  Want to give them a new adventure? Go for it!  Kill someone?  Well…we won’t discuss what I’ve done.  It’s between me and my readers.  *looks innocent*

But what inspired me to write in the first place?

When I was young, I always had my nose in a book.  First it was Ramona and Superfudge.  Then I graduated to Star Wars and Star Trek novels I’d get at my favorite store, Waldenbooks.  Remember that one?  Ahhh…the memories.  By the time I was ten, I had amassed a book collection that rivaled some adults, I’m sure.  My mother always said she never minded spending  money on books, a mantra that I have adopted all through life and continue on with my son.  (Seriously, this kid has a library that would boggle your mind and he’s only eight.)

One day, I decided to go down the fantasy aisle at good ‘ol Waldenbooks and what did I stumble upon?  A book series that would change my life, of course.  I picked up a blue book with a young man, and old monk and an electrified greenish-yellow sword on the cover.  Forging the Darksword became my instant favorite.  I finished it in record time and ran (well, not literally–it was miles away) back to the mall to get the second in the series.  Repeat again with the third.  I couldn’t get enough.  When I was finished with that series, I clamored for more from my new favorite authors, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.  I wasn’t disappointed with the selection.  My next conquest would be The Deathgate Cycle, a seven-book series that captured my entire imagination–and then some.  Then came all the Dragonlance novels, and all the incredible off-shoots that it spawned.

I’d like to thank Margaret and Tracy right now for being my ultimate inspiration for becoming a writer.  Even if I didn’t know it at the time, reading their works forged a life-long love of writing.  I’d like to think that, even if I wasn’t realizing it aright then and there, that all the while when I was writing fanfic, it  was because of those fantastic books I had read as a teen and adult.  I saw that I could become a successful writer and bring my ideas to life.  No plotline was too fantastical.  No character was too quirky, no monster too horrible.

When I decided that writing a novel was what I really wanted to do and put my mind to, my husband encouraged me with all his might.  He even said I didn’t have to go back to work if I was going to really do this!  (What a guy!)  I told him once, as we were at the bookstore looking at the fantasy shelves that I hoped to be here one day, looking at my own book.  I even pointed to the space, right next to Margaret Weis’ books, where I hoped mine would be some day.  (Our last names are close alphabetically!)  He smiled and said it would happen.  Then our son farted and ruined the moment.  (Thanks, kid.)

Reading brings out the best in you and your imagination.  It allows you to leave the real world (and let’s face it, right now there’s a lot about it that SUCKS) and enter into a new realm where you can live vicariously through incredible characters and awe-inspiring stories.  When you’re the author, you have control over your environment and, even if it’s just for a while, can leave reality and make the world how you want it to be.  Characters do what you tell them, say what you want them to say.

I watch my son read some of my old fantasy novels, worn and tattered, and I see the wonder in his eyes.  He finishes a chapter and immediately wants to discuss it.  He hogs my computer so he can write his own works.  He tells me he’s proud of me for trying to write a book.

Who knows, maybe something I create will inspire a nerdy teen out there someday to swallow their fear and go for it–just like I did.

Just shut up and take my money already!

Published September 24, 2016 by authorbebedora

I’ve come to the realization that certain video game companies are conspiring against me in an attempt to ensure I never finish my novel.

I’m looking at you Bethesda and Square Enix.

//side eyes//

I’m coming up on one year since I started principal work on my novel.  In that time, Bethesda has released Fallout 4 and all the DLC that accompanies it.  I can safely say that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Nuka World have single-handedly derailed my progress on several occasions.  Okay, maybe not several.  More like dozens.  But who’s counting at this point, right?

I thought I was in the clear once the last Fallout 4 DLC was released.  I thought I would be able to concentrate one-hundred percent on finishing my work, and then moving on to the last two books in the series.

I thought wrong.

Skyrim Special Edition and World of Final Fantasy both come out in October.

Final Fantasy XV will be here by years’ end…hopefully.  (Quit delaying shit, Squeenix!)

The Final Fantasy XII remaster launches sometime in 2017

And let’s not forget about the game-to-end-all-games:  Final Fantasy VII remake.

That last one has a “who the hell knows” release date, but we all know it IS coming at some point. And it will be glorious.  And episodic, but that’s beside the point.  We’ll all deal with it and it will be incredible.

Where does that leave little ‘ol me?  Torn, that’s where it leaves me.

Damn you, Bethesda and Square Enix.  Damn you right to hell because you know what’s going to happen.  I’m going to buy those games.  I’m going to play the shit out of those games.  And I’m going to try and finagle my time so I don’t neglect my book.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go work on this novel–because I have an XMAS 2016 deadline for completion of the first draft and just a few weeks before my money starts flying out the door and into the hands of game developers.

50 Years Of Star Trek

Published September 9, 2016 by authorbebedora

So, 50 years of Star Trek. What can I say? What started out as something fun to watch with my dad in reruns (original Trek), to taping EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of TNG and hoarding Trek books and toys, to the new films and a giant portion of my fanfic career…Trek has been a part of my life for 30 years. I can’t imagine my world without it.

Here’s to a world continuing to be populated by Starfleet Officers, Klingons and the occasional Gorn.