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An update on my novel!

Published July 12, 2016 by authorbebedora


I’ve now completed eighteen chapters and have clocked in at just over 93,000 words. (Yes, you read that right–that word count is not a typo.)

The last of the main characters will be introduced in the next chapter, and the full adventure can begin. I’m about a quarter through the outline now, so if I stay on track, this bad boy just might top 200K. Yes, that’s long. Yes, most novels usually aren’t that verbose by a longshot. But, in the world of fantasy books, a large chunk of them are that length–or more.

Summer has been hard to get any writing done because the boy has been off of school, but I’m finding time to write at night and on the weekends when the grandmas are around. I wouldn’t give up my time with him for anything in the world, even though he can be TOTALLY ANNOYING AND DEFIANT sometimes. So, that means no writing during the day. If I can get two more chapters done before he goes back to school, I’m going to call it a win for the summer.

So, now I must dive back into my fantasy world, deep in the southern deserts of my fictitious continent, to meet up with another character in a place called the “Devil’s Canopy.” Wish me luck, because it’s hot a fuck there and I hate the heat. (and so does my main male protagonist.)

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Also, this damn thing STILL doesn’t have a title.