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Published December 29, 2015 by authorbebedora

When Mama wants to write, you’d think video games would keep the beast occupied. Mama was wrong. This actually happened in our house mere minutes ago.

Boy: Mom, can I play Skyrim?
Me: Sure! That means I can get some writing done while you play.
Boy: (5 minutes later) I hate these dumb Draugr! Can you help me beat them?
Me: (looks at the meager five sentences I have written and sighs) Yes, gimme the controller. (tries to play) Wait, why don’t you have an enchanted weapon? Where are all your Elven arrows? You came into a barrow with NO HEALING POTIONS?
[Mom beats Draugr, despite horrible weapon selection]
Boy: Thank you!
Me: Now please play quietly so I can work on my chapter, ok?
Boy: (literally ten seconds later) *makes loud screeching noise every time he fires an arrow*
Me: *facepalm*

I tried to write for thirty minutes, I got exactly one paragraph down. And I immediately highlighted it for future edits because I’m fairly sure it won’t live to see another day.

But at least the boy is entertained, happily assisting the Stormcloaks fight their way into Whiterun. That’s my boy.


All I Want for Christmas (Take on This!)

Published December 2, 2015 by authorbebedora

It’s the first Tuesday of the month (yesterday…I’m a day late) and that means another installment of Take on This!  Remember, I write this column for our facebook page


take on this 2

Take on This!

—-All I Want For Christmas—-

In 1988 I had what I considered to be the very forefront of musical technology in my possession.

It was called a “Pocket Rocker”, and I thought I was the coolest kid on the block because I had one. It was a small hand-held cassette player that played special tapes. You could even wear it as a clutch around your wrist! I had begged for it to be one of my Christmas gifts. When I finally received it, I went through so many batteries playing those tiny little two-track tapes that I’m sure my mother would have cashed in had she owned stock in Duracell.

By 1990, I was totally over my Pocket Rocker, moving on to my Walkman filled with New Kids on the Block and Depeche Mode tapes. I often wonder what happened to that little gem, along with all the silly cassettes that went with it. I recently looked on eBay, and they’re certainly not worth any money. It would be worth it to find, though, for nostalgia’s sake. I mean, why listen to The Bangles and T’Pau on stereo when you can listen to them on a cheap, 2-inch speaker?

The only thing that would have made my Pocket Rocker even cooler would have been the addition of A-ha to their musical library.

I’ve decided that’s the reason the product ultimately faded into oblivion. Not the appearance of CD’s or other more technologically-advanced mediums—nope, it’s because they failed to get our favorite Norwegians and their music on a teensy little cassette tape.

Dummies. What did you learn?

So, at nine years old, all I wanted was a crummy pink-and-black portable cassette player. Needless to say now, at thirty-six, my tastes have changed. I present to you a list of what I would like for Christmas this year, ranging from actually affordable to the utterly ludicrous and in no particular order. Feel free to send me anything you wish to off of the list.

*The Super Deluxe CD sets: No, I don’t have them yet. See, I had to be an adult and pay for a bazillion dollars worth of new siding on our house this fall, so my husband politely reminded me that he didn’t want to see any musical Amazon purchases from August to January. Being a grownup sucks sometimes.

*A copy of The Swing of Things book, preferably the English version: This is my Holy Grail item. The one thing I search for the most. I’ve said before that I have found a few copies here and there on Amazon and eBay, but I’m sure as hell not shelling out several hundred dollars for one, no matter how badly I want it in my house. My husband would absolutely lose his marbles and I’d probably have to sleep on the front lawn for a month.

*Live at Vallhall DVD: Now, I will say that I have almost purchased this item a few times. I always backed away, though. Most were extremely underpriced (1st red flag) and promised they were region 1 DVD’s (2nd red flag.) Call me too careful, but I just can’t bring myself to trust a price of $5 US for a brand-new DVD. Is it pirated and then packaged to look like new? Is it truly a region 1 disc? Sometimes you just have to listen to your gut, no matter how much you want something. Blergh.

*Morten wrapped in bows: See? I told you some of it would be ridiculous. Can’t blame a girl for trying, though.

*Tickets—concert and plane—to see A-ha in Oslo in April: As I stated above, there are some things I can’t do, even if wanted to, because I have to be a grownup and pay bills. I would want nothing more than to be able to go with Debbie and Clara to Oslo in the spring to see the lads on their home turf. I’m sure it would be an experience of a lifetime. Sadly, with a small child at home, it’s just not in the cards for me. He needs his mama, and truthfully I couldn’t leave him for that long. Also, the hubby has stated that I am not to travel internationally without him, which is fair enough. Money is also an issue. Let’s face it, I’m a stay-at-home-mom, working on a book that (if it even gets picked up for publishing) wouldn’t make us any money for at least two years—I’m only two chapters in at the moment. There are car payments, mortgage and siding payments and an upper Midwest winter electric bill that would absolutely blow your mind. So, my two partners in crime just have to bring me presents back from Norway. Preferably the handsome variety.

*Dinner and conversation with one or all of the guys: It’s my dream to have a real sit-down talk session with them. I wouldn’t talk about music; I wouldn’t talk about the entertainment industry. No, I’d want to discuss life. There are so many questions I have for them. Serious questions about parenting and world issues. Silly questions about their least favorite foods and stories about their childhoods. Morten and I have very different views on a certain subject, and I’d love to debate him over a good meal. I’d never forget it, that’s for sure.

*Morten’s green checkered pants: You know which ones I’m talking about. If I were to ever have them in my possession, I’d frame them and hang them on the wall for everyone to see. After I made my husband try them on, of course.

*One of Paul’s guitars: again, it would be mounted and put on display so I could enjoy seeing it every day. It would more than likely be showcased next to the green pants.

*A copy of Mags’ book, In Transit: The only ones I’ve ever found were incredibly out of my price range. Which is sad, because I would love to own one. He’s truly a talented artist, and it would be a showpiece—which my son would not be allowed to touch—in our house.
And last but not least (you knew it was coming)…

*Cast in Steel concert gigs in the USA and Canada: This one really isn’t a stretch; it just needs to happen—quickly. You all know the drill by now. Our petition is nearing one year old (can you believe it?) It was started before the new album was even announced, more as a plea for something more than just the one Rock in Rio gig. Now that there’s a world tour, new album and all the hype, we want our chance more than ever. *I* want my chance. I’ve never seen A-ha in concert. Last time they were here, my little guy was barely a toddler and a concert in another city just wasn’t in the cards. Now, I’m in a much better position to go to one, and travel around the country if I absolutely had to. We’ve made our updates and pleas directly to their management. We’ve bombarded all facets of social media on a daily basis for almost a year with our information. We’ve made some friends in the industry who were more than happy to help promote our campaign.

We’ve worked tirelessly.

So, you ask what I *really* want for Christmas?

To be able to hold concert tickets in my hands and say, “I’m going to see A-ha.”

Santa lives pretty close to Norway. Maybe he can put in a good word with their management that the fans in the USA and Canada are most certainly on the “good kid” list this year.