Sucess! (A chapter’s worth, anyway.)

Published November 30, 2015 by authorbebedora

It’s official:  I have finished the first chapter of my book!

It definitely took me longer to produce it than most of my fanfic chapters, but I cut myself some slack because it’s all original and I don’t have already established canon to siphon from.

It came in at just under 5000 words, typical for one of my fanfic chapters, so I feel good about it.  I’ve introduced three characters, one is the main male protagonist, the other two supporting ones–that will have bigger roles in the future.

What’s really cool is that, as I was writing, I could see the environment I was describing–and it felt really good.  Picture a small alchemy shop, dusty and crammed full of every potion-making ingredient you could possibly imagine–and then some.  I think I’m actually going to draw a floorplan.  It might just be for me, it might go into the book as an appendix item.  Because, in all my years of reading fantasy novels, I’ve always loved the “extras.”  Maps, floor plans, lists, etc.  Those little things that were  included at the end that made the world I was reading about all the more real.

I’ve also got a really cool idea about how I’m going to start each chapter, but you’ll just have to wait to read the story to see what it is.  I can’t give away all my secrets, can I?

I think the thing I was most worried about was if I was going to be able to relate to my characters or not, whether I would become attached to them like I did Jim Kirk, Leonard “Bones” McCoy and Commander Squall Leonhart.  The answer?  YES, I HAVE.

I’m loving hearing their voices in my head, figuring out their personalities as I go.  I feel for one when he’s snubbed by someone close to him, laugh alongside the other as he tries his hardest to cheer someone up.  I can’t wait to expand on their lives, and bring them to life in my own little world.

A world that belongs to me…

…and hopefully will belong to readers someday.

So, as I embark on the second chapter, I look forward to everything this new world has to offer me.  Adventure, action, turmoil, sadness…and a little bit of comedy.

I know it’s only the first chapter of what will be many, but it was a huge hurdle for me.  One that I charged at head-on…and successfully overtook.

Here I go, onto chapter two.


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