It has begun…

Published November 1, 2015 by authorbebedora

It’s official.

I have begun principal writing on my novel.

The outline is nowhere near complete, but I feel that I’m at a place now in the pre-planning where I can begin and let the story flow naturally as I write.  With the outline at my disposal, I can use it as a guide and a place to add ideas into the plot as I progress.

This is a huge step for me.

What started out as a tiny idea while writing a “strategy guide” with my young son (he’s obsessed with making books about video games he invents), has blossomed into a giant world in my head, where I am free to create anything I want.  While the original story I came up with for his “game” has been abandoned for something even more grand, a small kernel of what it once was still remains.  What that kernel is, well–you’ll just have to read the book when it comes out.

As of right now, I have about two pages of the first chapter written.  It may not sound like much, but to me it’s an incredible accomplishment.  For someone who has been writing fanfic for so long, original fiction is a giant and terrifying leap.  No longer do I have existing canon to glean from, there are no more characters with long histories already in place to make new stories for.

This is all original.  This is all mine.

I know this will be a long and frustrating journey.  I know that there will be tantrums and writer’s block.  But most of all–I know that I can do this.

I’ve written 22 fanfiction pieces (23 if you count the Phantasy Star IV piece that will never see the light of day again…unless I completely overhaul it), with a word count of 526,636 spanning them all.  I have four multi-chapter works, the longest of which was 65 chapters and came in at just under 230,000 words.  Seeing at that the length of the “average” novel is 50,000 words, I think I’ve got this shit.

And so it begins.  My heroine has a name, although my [scholar] still does not.  I have a few ideas for his moniker, but still need to decid.  One has already been trashed, thanks to my husband and his Rick Astley reference.

This is really happening–and I’m so ready to accept this challenge head-on.

Bring it, Still-untitled Novel.  Lemme see what you got.


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