What Else Can I Say?

Published October 23, 2015 by authorbebedora

This is an article I wrote recently for a newspaper (that ultimately decided not to run it)  that pretty much sums everything up. What we do, why we do it, and why getting a-ha back to the USA means so much to so many. We can not fail. We can not let all our hard work be in vain.


Take on Me.

Three little words that are quintessentially 80’s to a lot of people.

The group was A-ha, the dreamboat singer Morten Harket.

Rounding out the trio was Magne Furuholmen on keyboards and Pal Waaktaar (now Paul Waaktaar-Savoy) on guitar and songwriting duties.

Whether you crushed on the cartooned image of Harket trying to burst out of comic book panels or spent your hours floating on his melodic voice as he soared into the upper registers, it’s hard to deny that A-ha had an impact on you in some way or another.

Most people in the US think of them (wrongly) as one-hit wonders. That couldn’t be further from the truth. To make a long story short, they’ve been continually selling out concerts and topping charts in Europe for thirty years. Nine studio albums, gold records, countless singles and DVD’s and even a few movie roles for Morten—proves that they are anything but a passing fancy.

After a twenty-five-year career, they amicably disbanded in 2010, leaving fans heartbroken, but understanding. We knew they had given it their all and had decided to part ways to pursue other venues.

Needless to say, we all screamed a collective shout of joy when they announced they were reuniting this March, with a new album and tour.

A tour that has begun, and as of yet, does not include North American dates.

That’s where we come in.

We’re a group of three ladies based cross-country (one in South Carolina, the others in Kentucky and Wisconsin, respectively) who want one thing: A-ha concerts for all the fans in the United States and Canada.

When they came here in 2010 for shows in only four cities, the fans showed them that they were loved by selling out the concerts. One of the biggest helps in actually getting them here was a grass-roots effort and a petition sent right to their door.

That’s what we hope to achieve this time around.

This really is the last time American fans will have to see these talented Norwegians in concert. After this album and tour, they’re all going to go back to their solo projects—whether those are music or art. They decided to give us two years, and we eagerly accepted.

We’re asking that if you loved A-ha back in 1985, if you can’t help yourself but to dance every time Take on Me comes on the radio, if you’re still a fan after all these years or just had a “hey, those guys are still around?” moment—sign the petition. Help us get them to the US and Canada one more time.

We have already sent 1000+ names to their management in Norway as of the end of August. We want to update with with 1500+ ASAP. If we don’t get our voices heard, the fans here in the USA miss out. We aren’t any less deserving of concerts than any other country around the globe. We buy (always imported) merchandise with our hard-earned money; eagerly anticipate any new news or photos that make their way out to us. The fans here in North America love them just as much as anyone else around the world.

The thirtieth anniversary of this band is a big deal—not many musical acts make it this long. And to be as successful as they have been throughout is something incredible. They need to be celebrated—and thanked—for everything they’ve achieved and shared with us over thirty fantastic years.

What better way to show our love than by selling out concert gigs in the United States and Canada.

We just need those dates to happen.

Please help. Please support our campaign. Even if you’re not a fan or would never go to a concert—do it for the countless thousands of us across the country who would.

We want a chance to ‘take on them’ one last time.




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