When A-ha Takes Over (Take on This!)

Published September 15, 2015 by authorbebedora

take on this 2

                                                                                Take on This!

—-When A-ha Takes Over—-
Admit it, every time someone says the words “blue sky”, your first inclination is to echo back, “blue skyyyyyyyy!”


Maybe it’s just me.

Not a day goes by where something someone says or does makes me want to break into random A-ha songs. Thankfully, it’s usually in the confines of my own home or car, so I don’t look like a total crazy person when I begin to sing.

My son loves to tell me that I’m touchy. Or that a video game controller is being touchy. Or that the television remote is being—well, you get it. He knows what’s coming. Even though he pretends to be surprised every time I respond to him and rolls his eyes (a trait learned from Daddy), I know that he thinks it’s pretty funny.

Because after he says it, he knows Mom is going to sing. Loudly. And probably get in his face. And more than likely dance and point at him. After all, he can be touchy, too.

A few weeks back, an anchorwoman on CNN was asked one of her guests on her panel, “How can it be?”

You know what happened.

My son groaned and went to play in the basement, leaving me singing “The Sun Always Shines On TV” to myself in the living room. And yes, I finished the whole song.

Someone mentions that something is going to happen in the early morning? I usually can’t resist the urge to ask them if it’s occurring at eight o’clock.

When my son went back to school last week, I sang him “Summer Moved On” in the car. He was neither impressed nor amused.

I’ve asked my husband to be my lifeline on more than one occasion and giggle uncontrollably when someone says it takes them a while to get into the swing of things.

Forget about anyone mentioning Memphis, either.

My life, and that of the people I love, is never dull—that’s for sure.

Thanks a lot, A-ha, for making sure I can’t go one day without quoting your lyrics or singing at inappropriate times.


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