Set in Stone and Cast in Steel (Take on This!)

Published September 15, 2015 by authorbebedora

take on this 2

Take on This!

—-Set In Stone and Cast In Steel—-

I was going to write about the Cast in Steel album this week.

It’s an incredible piece of history, a fantastic album and let’s face it—Morten’s voice has never sounded so perfect.

But then it hit me. There’s something much more important to me that those three little words—cast in steel—can represent.

Six months ago, I didn’t know Debbie and Clara.

Six months ago, I was just a fangirl who couldn’t believe that A-ha was going to play Rock in Rio, and hoped against hope that there was more to come.

Six months ago—I didn’t have two of my best friends in my life.

I never realized how the love of a Norwegian musical group could forge such a beautiful and meaningful friendship. We all know A-ha is timeless and has brought countless fans from all over the world together, but I often wonder if they understand just how incredible those bonds become.

After only knowing these gals for a few weeks, they took a leap of faith. Sometimes a “gut feeling” is all you need. You can’t explain it, and you most certainly can’t deny it. When the Universe tells you that something needs to happen—you listen.

They asked me to join their campaign.

I was honored.

I knew how much work they had put in already, and that the petition was bigger than just trying to get names. This was important, and they had decided to ask me into the fold.

I could have never known that making a silly post on Facebook, more than likely about Morten’s fashion choices (I can’t remember what it was now), would turn into a friendship that feels like it was begun ages ago.

There are days where my kid is being sassy, nothing seems to be going quite right and I’ve run out of Hostess cupcakes. Days where I’ve cried more times than I’d like to admit. And on those days, these two ladies always manage to raise my sprits or just whine along with me—whatever is needed. Silly messages, photos of our favorite Norwegian, or re-visiting one of our many inside jokes— and it always manages to put a smile back on my face.

And on the days where one of them needs the same bit of encouragement or love, I’m there armed with a few photos that are always bound to get a laugh or a listening ear.

There isn’t anything I can’t tell them.

We may never have met face-to-face, but our bond is one that stretches across the country and and is not just based on a mutual love for one of the greatest musical groups of all time.

We’re all moms. We’re all wives. We swap recipes, bitch about our kids and talk about how much fangirling our poor husbands put up with. We both laugh and cry with each other, sometimes at the same time. There has never been an angry word spoken from any of our mouths directed at one another, and I know there never will be.

We may not share the same views when it comes to certain topics or beliefs, but not once has that stood in the way of a wonderful friendship. That’s how you can tell when you’ve got a true friend. Whatever your opinion is on religion, politics or whatever—it doesn’t matter. A great friend sees you for who you are, and loves you just the same.

And let me tell you, these ladies are the bee’s knees.

I wear a steel heart around my neck, with three tiny stones nestled inside. A token of friendship and love. A daily reminder of two wonderful women that found their way into my life—and will never leave it. I will cherish it always.

Set in stone and cast in steel.

I know there will be a day—hopefully very soon—where I can run at them full-tilt and hug them both until they can’t breathe. We will laugh, we’ll cry and (we’ve already decided) that we’ll probably get ourselves kicked out of a restaurant for being rowdy. I’ll thank them for taking that initial jump when they decided to make me part of the team. I’ll thank them for all the advice they’ve given me on raising kids, dealing with life and for helping me to feel better when I’m down in the dumps. But most of all, I’ll thank them for just being my friends.

I know this got sentimental and a little sappy this week, but I meant every word of it. I couldn’t imagine my life without Debbie and Clara, plain and simple. We’ve worked so hard on this passion of ours, and in doing so have forged a friendship that will stand the test of time. We are so much more than an awesome public relations and social media promotion team—we’re three women who share a loving friendship that will only grow stronger with each passing day.

I love you both with all of my heart.



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