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Things I Have Found in My Child’s Bed.

Published July 27, 2015 by authorbebedora

*Cheerios (have also been found in his nose)


*Lego Mini-figures

*Lego Mini-figure heads

*A vintage Ellen Ripley action figure


*A sharpened pencil

*Black Manta action figure

*One sock

*plastic zombies

*a rubber snake (has also appeared in his pillowcase)


*pipe cleaners

*a lightsaber

*plastic centipede

*plastic human skull (half-scale)

*more Legos

*Band-Aids (used and new)

*jelly beans

*Dry-erase markers (caps optional)

*Construction paper


*Fake Money

*A real shark tooth

*Die-cast F/A-18 Hornet


*And, on occasion…him.


The excitement and sheer terror that is writing original fiction…

Published July 18, 2015 by authorbebedora

Well, it’s official.

When my last two Star Trek pieces are finished (give me about a month), I will be embarking on the journey that is original work.

I’m super excited–and pretty scared.

I mean, this is uncharted territory.

Sure, I’ve been writing fanfic for years, blogging and doing my weekly article for our A-ha page, but this is different.  This is something that isn’t based on fact and is totally mine.  No “borrowed” characters, no fancy starship to tool about in or chocobos to ride.

Just me, myself and my yet-unnamed heroine.

This is going to be really hard and I’m sure there will be many tantrums along the way. I’ll probably eat candy.  But I know I can do this.  I’m so excited to begin this crazy ride.


Pickled Herring (Take on This!)

Published July 14, 2015 by authorbebedora

take on this 2

Take on This!

—-Pickled Herring—-

     Every time a reporter comments on how young the lads *still* look—especially Morten—I have to chuckle.

Maybe it’s because the looks on their faces covertly let on to the fact that they are 937% done with hearing that question. Or perhaps it’s from the responses that come after. Whatever it is, I almost want to hear the dreaded observations from the reporters—just to see their reactions.

Mischievous, I know.

I’m sure they’ve heard it all. But to be honest, the interviewers do bring up a valid point. Now, we know that the boys don’t like to address their youthful appearances, but let’s face it—they really have aged incredibly well.

The sheer fact that, for most of the last decade Morten didn’t look a day over thirty-something, is incredible. And the last five years have been very kind as well. Let’s face it…they all look about fifteen years younger than they actually are. Maybe it’s the water in Norway; perhaps it’s the cold crisp air. Personally, I’d like to think that it’s a combination of fantastic genetics and a healthy lifestyle.

And the fact that they’re just drop-dead gorgeous to begin with.

Or…it could be one of many other hilarious options.

We’ve all heard the rumors.

Morten is a vampire? You do have to admit that most entities of the sanguine variety tend to have youthful appearances. I mean, who wouldn’t? Eternal life? Sleep all day, stay out of the sun. We all know too much sun is bad for you anyway.
Personally, I really don’t like confined spaces, so sleeping in a coffin would be out. And the whole blood drinking thing?

That’s a big fat no.

But Morten and his dry sense of humor took it all in stride. When Akira the Don brought it up in a 2009 interview, rather than shoo it off or be offended, our favorite Norwegian took it to another whole dimension.

“You just need access to the blood bank. You don’t have to…you know…”

Clearly he’s thought this through. He isn’t into biting necks. He understands the logistics of a clean blood supply.

Our quick-witted Norwegian lad had once again landed an epic comeback.

Reporters ask what kind of moisturizer they use, whether or not the freezer-like quality of Norway’s climate has anything to do with their youthful appearances throughout the decades.

I think one of my all-time favorites came from a morning talk show chat in 2002. Before I get into the details of what was said—and how Morten reacted—let me first just say that he was SMOKING HOT in this interview. Like, on fire.

//falls down//

Which, I’m sure, lead to the comment from the interviewer—who just happened to be a man.

The session started off with your typical intro by one of the two reporters. She gave your run of the mill intro about A-ha and Take on Me, and how the boys were back with a new album and single. She even mentioned to get in a crack about them being “the best thing to come out of Norway since pickled herring.”

And let me tell you, the female reporter wasted no time in getting into the subject that the lads have said time and time again they’re sick of talking about.

“Didn’t all that ‘sex god’ thing embarrass you?”

Aaaaaand here we go…

Morten’s expression says it all. It’s as if he was thinking, “Oh man, not again.”

“It does now.” He’s quick to point out that you can’t take any of that stuff seriously. I’m sure it’s haunted him his whole career—even life. I mean, he didn’t start being that handsome only when he decided to be a pop star. He’s been dealing with this his entire life.

But you could see from Morten’s expression after the fact that he was dreading the question/remark he knew had to be coming. I just bet he wasn’t expecting it from from a guy…

“You must know that you’re exceptionally good looking.”

I’ll even admit that I was shocked. Usually, it’s the women that are making those observations, most often with flushed cheeks. Some even fan themselves in Morten’s presence. And he sits there gracefully and accepts the affection.

But his response?

Pure Morten.


He admits it. He doesn’t try and deny it. He knows he’s a handsome man. His answer is short and sweet.

And then “let’s move on.” He’s a professional question-avoider. Just ask Terry Wogan. He’s obviously a little embarrassed by all the attention paid to his looks and seems just a tad relieved when the male host obliges him and changes the subject.

He’s heard that phrase in one form or another so many times that one might think he’s almost immune to it.


But he’s very quick to point out one very important fact.
“…but there’s a difference between us and pickled herring. We *are* fresh.”

And there you have it.

So, I guess it comes down to this secret: vampirism and a good moisturizer.

And maybe a little bit of pickled herring. As long as it’s fresh.

Keep that in mind, people.






The Holy Grail (Take on This!)

Published July 14, 2015 by authorbebedora

take on this 2

Take on This!

—-The Holy Grail—-

     The Swing of Things.

Four little words with so much meaning attached.

It’s a great song. One of my favorites. Morten’s voice is absolutely incredible, showing a roughness that wasn’t present in their freshman album. The entire album as a whole is fantastic. The songs have more grit to them, the lyrics darker and more melancholic than ever before. I can say with all honesty that it’s my favorite A-ha record.

But those words have another place in my heart. They represent what I seek most—an item that has eluded me for years.

The book.

English version, to be exact. Not that I wouldn’t be happy with the Norwegian one, but I’d like to actually be able to understand what I’m reading.

I have hunted high and low (pun most certainly intended) for it. A seller on Amazon was selling one for—are you ready?—over eight-hundred dollars. I nearly fell off the couch, then promptly laughed out loud. My husband rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t you dare.”

Ebay wasn’t much better.

Now, the Ebay seller had one listed at a paltry three-hundred. Had I been single and childless, I probably would have jumped at the chance and whipped out the credit card. But—little dude needs new shoes (constantly) and the mortgage has to be paid. Sometimes being an adult stinks.

Also, had I purchased it, my husband probably would have had stern words for me and I may or may not have had to sleep on the lawn for a few nights.

I don’t know how much the original price was, but I’m guessing it wasn’t $300. I don’t know exactly how much I’d be comfortable paying for the book, but $300 is steep.

Every used book store I go to, every record shop that sells memorabilia I come across—I always have to check. My local vinyl guy has it on his “list” of sought-after items. I know it’s probably futile, but who knows? You just never know when luck will strike.

I’ve even gone so far as to ask in tweets and facebook posts to re-release it for the thirtieth anniversary. Every bit of attention helps!

But what would I do with it if and when I finally got it?

I would enjoy it.

I would read it.

Not let my kid touch it, that’s for damn sure.

But I wouldn’t worry about wear-and-tear (other than the seven-year-old fingers variety.) Granted, I wouldn’t use it as a coaster or anything, but seeing as though I would never re-sell in a million years, having it be in mint condition wouldn’t be at the forefront of my mind.

After all, if I had spent all this time searching for something so amazing and unique, I wouldn’t just let it sit idle on a shelf, never allowing it to see the light of day. Books are meant to be enjoyed, and this one would certainly get the star treatment in that department.

Now I just have to find one.

Under the Makeup (Take on This!)

Published July 14, 2015 by authorbebedora

take on this 2

Take on This!

—-Under the Make-Up—-

     I cried into my kitchen sink last Friday morning.

Not because I cut my hand on a broken plate or had my wedding ring go down the disposal. Nope—I cried because of Morten Harket’s voice.

Under the Makeup had rendered me completely out of my mind.

Now, I had heard the song a few days prior when it had been leaked. (Yes, I listened… I couldn’t help myself. Besides, I knew I’d be purchasing a within three days.) The sound quality on my laptop is marginal at best, but even then it sounded phenomenal. I knew it was one of—if not the most—beautiful songs I had ever heard in my life.

When Friday came along, I couldn’t wait to download it…

…and promptly found it nowhere to be seen on Amazon. We don’t have iTunes or Apple Music, and don’t do Spotify. I may or may not have had a temper tantrum and said a few profanities that my son found to be absolutely hilarious.

I went on with my day, pouting as I did laundry and attempted to clean up “toy-mageddon” in the living room. Seriously, I think we may own every single Lego on the planet.

When I finally got a chance to sit down, I stumbled across a tweet from a friend that made my day go from dull to fantastic. It seems the song was finally available on Amazon! Three minutes and one frantic run to the other room to get my iPod later and I was the proud owner of the first new A-ha material to be released in five years.

I almost couldn’t believe it, even though I had the Amazon statement to prove that I had purchased.

I queued it up on my MP3 and was immediately immersed in musical joy. I’m pretty sure the volume was way too loud, but I didn’t care.

But I didn’t cry right away.

Listening to the music and lyrics, I started rinsing crud off of that morning’s breakfast plates. The melody sent chills up my spine. It began to dawn on me that this wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill song. (Not that any A-ha tune is.)

By the third time around—while I was washing a sticky sippy cup—it hit me. Standing there at my sink I realized that I was hearing history. I was actually listening to brand-new material from the group that had called it quits five years prior. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be hearing a new A-ha song. I had resigned to myself—along with all the other fans—that we had heard the last from our favorite Norwegians.

Obviously, I knew the significance of this single. We had all been following its and the album’s progress for months. We anticipated it very impatiently.

But when something just “hits” you—it’s proof that music is a powerful entity. Music has always affected me emotionally, whether it was by giving me goosebumps from the dissonance (those chords that seem just a little “off”) or the theme song from Little House on the Prairie making me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Never have I heard Morten’s voice float like this. There’s a richness to the tone that is very reminiscent of Brother—and I loved it. There’s no denying that age has only intensified an already incredible vocal talent. Even in 1985, the world knew this guy had the right stuff. Now, in his fifties, Morten’s voice has an almost transcendent quality to it—it’s almost unreal. With his command of Paul’s lyrics, it’s very obvious that these guys have been together for a very long time, and know how to utilize each other’s talents to produce out-of-this-world material.

Now, I’m not going to get into all the nit-picking that a lot of people seem to be doing all over the internet. You know, those who claim that Mags’ influence is non-existent or that the single isn’t radio material. There’s the camp that thinks A-ha should have stayed retired and those who believe that they just did this for money.

I’m only going to say this once, so listen up:

This single/album/tour is a gift.

They didn’t *have* to do this. They did it because they wanted to—because they decided they had more to give. In 2010, they thought they were done. They had every right to think so—they’re big boys with other avenues they wanted to pursue.

They had given their lives to A-ha, and we were just thankful that they had allowed us to be a part of the journey for 25 years.

I am appalled that there are some out there who are actually complaining about Under the Makeup, or the whole reunion in general.

To those people, I have this message: Be thankful they’re back at all. Enjoy every minute of what they have to give, because it’ll be over before we know it. Stop living negatively and look at what’s right in front of you. New A-ha. That’s right—NEW A-HA.

Like I find myself having to tell my 7-year-old sometimes: “Stop whining and enjoy life. Live in the moment.”

//rant over//

Back to the topic at hand—this incredible new song.

I can’t stop listening to it. I actually drained the battery on my MP3 player because I had it on repeat for so long. Sitting at my computer, I have Radio Crème Brulee  on just waiting to hear it—even though I have the song literally at my fingertips. I may or may not have paused the recording on my laptop just to listen on internet radio.

Our boys are back, and if this song is any indication of what’s to come—then we’re all in for what could possibly be their best album ever.

And I’ll more than likely cry again.