Only In My Dreams (Take on This!)

Published June 19, 2015 by authorbebedora

take on this 2
—-Only In My Dreams—-

You know how you have some dreams that you remember for your entire life?

I have three. Two were from high school and I can still see them clear as crystal. One involved this giant wrought-iron structure with orangutan carcasses all over it (weird, I know) and the other involved my gym teacher flying around like a hovercraft over train tracks. Strange brain is strange.

I can recall them like it was yesterday.

And then there’s the third.

It happened very early this year and is totally burned into my brain. Normally, this would probably be a bad thing—memories that are singed into your mind tend not to be happy ones. But this one…

…this one takes the cake.

I’m at a concert. At first, I don’t know who’s playing. The venue is oddly reminiscent of my son’s school gymnasium—folding chairs and everything. It’s dark and crowded, but there’s room in-between the rows to move back and forth with ease.

Despite the massive amount of people and surrounding chaos, it’s completely silent. No music, no crowd noise—nothing.
People begin to clear away from me and I’m trying to figure out why. And then it happens.

Morten Harket himself approaches, giant smile on his face. He’s actually in the crowd, and I can’t believe that the fans aren’t mobbing him. He comes up beside me and asks me if I want to join him onstage. His voice is mellow and sounds like music. Stunned, I gingerly take his hand and he leads me down the now suddenly empty row of chairs.

I don’t know how we ended up backstage, but there we were—looking out at the sea of people. Behind the drummer, we stood there for a moment until he pulled me forward. Getting as close to him as I possibly could, I whispered, “Look at all those people…”

He turned to me and smiled broadly before leading me up to the front of the stage.

I couldn’t tell you what happened after that. The memory is gone, lost to the ages. But I will say that I woke up feeling so content and happy—and so incredibly excited that I actually attended an A-ha concert.

Now, this was before Cast in Steel was announced and before all the tour hoopla started, when we all just thought Rock in Rio was a one-off gig. So, the prospect of experiencing a concert—in a dream or otherwise—was enough to make me a happy girl.

I often find myself thinking back to those images, and how happy they made me feel. To be that close to him—even in a dream state—was unreal. I can actually still recall how warm his hand felt around my own.

Dreams are a wonderful thing. We can have our wishes granted—even if only for mere minutes—and experience moments that we never thought possible. Who knows, there may be a time where I get to see him and the boys in concert (crossing my fingers and toes), but I know that I will certainly not be pulled up on stage. Honestly, I’d be terrified.

But until the day when the Cast in Steel tour comes to our shores, I’m content with the memory of the most wonderful dream I have ever experienced.

It’s just too bad I couldn’t hear any of the music.

Doesn’t matter—Morten’s speaking voice is enough melody for me.


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