The Husband Eye Roll (Take on This!)

Published May 26, 2015 by authorbebedora

take on this1

Take on This!

—-The Husband Eye-roll—-

Say the words “A-ha” or “Morten Harket” in our house, and chances are my husband will roll his eyes.

I don’t blame him.

I mean, the poor guy hears A-ha all the time, has to put up with his fangirl wife 24/7 and probably wants to strangle me every time a new Amazon order goes through.

Him: Don’t you already have that album?

Me: Yes, but this one’s different.

Him: How?

Me: There’s a different version of *insert song title here*.

Him: (rolls eyes)

And let’s not even start with what will happen when Cast in Steel tickets finally go on sale. (BECAUSE THEY WILL!) He’s already been warned that he can’t balk at the amount of money I will more than likely spend. This will be my one chance to see these guys; I’m not going to have to squint from a million rows back. No pit-area tickets, though. I’m not tall enough to be able to see anything anyway. So see? I’m being considerate by not springing for the ultra-expensive seats.

Even when we play simple board games, the guys come up. But to be fair, it wasn’t my fault last time.

You see, we were having a nice family game of Life. My seven-year-old son proudly proclaimed to be married to Jackie DeShannon (cool kid, right?) and of course, it led to my husband bringing up the name of my pseudo-spouse.

“So, I’m guessing his name is ‘Morten Harket’?”

I probably blushed. “Well, duh.”

Another eye roll.

“Are you going to live in Norway?”


“You do know it’s even colder there than it is here, right?”

I contemplated it for a split second before replying, “Well, I’ll have Morten to keep me warm so it won’t matter. Besides, it was 20-below this last winter, I’m tough.”

This time I was greeted with an eye roll and a snort.

The game went on with only one mishap—Morten and I were ejected from our vehicle when we drove crazy on a hill—and we retired childless with just over 2.3 million dollars in the bank. That’s not including his earnings, by the way. Just my contribution from being a Police Officer-turned-Sales Associate who happened to strike it rich investing in computers and won a Pulitzer Prize. Trophy wife, I know.

Not a day goes by where my loving hubby doesn’t hear something to the effect of “A-ha this” or “Morten Harket that.” He gets the business weekly if the sun is shining, when I proudly (and usually loudly) proclaim that it is also shining on TV. I sing A-ha songs right in his face. And I’m sure he’s just tickled pink when I accidentally leave one of my CD’s in his car, the volume blaring—of course.

And not once has he complained.

Rolled his eyes, yes. But never a peep of objection.

We’ve been together a long time, him and me. It’s going on fifteen years in November. And all through said years, he’s put up with all my fangirling with a smile and—you guessed it—a roll of his eyes.

And then a couple of months ago, he did something that made my heart flutter.

He signed the petition.

Now that’s true love.
He knew full well that by adding his name to the list, he was sealing his fate. He would be attending a concert if it were to happen, more than likely hold his wife’s purse the whole night, and watch as she both smiled and cried at the same time.

But he did it anyway, because as a friend once said, “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

So, the next time we play the game of Life, Morten will probably still be my “husband”…

…but I love my guy more than anything in the world.

Even when he rolls his eyes.


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