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An open letter to Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

Published February 18, 2015 by authorbebedora

Dear guys,

Here’s the deal.  You’re missed.  You’re missed A LOT.  We all know and understand that you decided to let go of A-ha to pursue other avenues, whether it be musical, artistic or personal.  We, as fans, respect that.  We’ve all enjoyed the solo albums that have come out, all the fantastic art that has been created and everything that you’ve worked for in other areas.

There was a collective cry of “hurrah!” when the Rock in Rio gig was announced.  Twitter and Facebook went nuts.  We were all so excited we almost couldn’t contain ourselves.  But here’s the thing:  only a very small portion of us can actually get to Brazil.  Whether it be for monetary reasons, travel restrictions or other factors.  I think I can safely say that we would all like to see you one last time–again.  And believe us when we say that WE ALL WANT TO GO.

There are many people who have seen you countless times in concert, and there are many of us (me included) who have never had the honor.  When one talks of a “bucket list”, seeing you would be near the top of mine.  (I would gander that it is at the top of many others’ as well.)

So, here’s my plea:  Give us one more tour.  It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be long…but let’s have one last fling for old time’s sake.  Call it a “warm up” for Rio.  Some European gigs and some American dates.


It would be a dream come true for me to see you perform live.  (I’ve actually seriously dreamed about attending a concert.  I won’t go into details, but I was asked up on stage by Morten and willingly accepted.  I remember saying, “Oh my God, look at all those people!”  He replied with a smile and a laugh.)

One more tour, guys.


For us.

Love, Me and all your loyal fans all over the world.

PS:  Remember and consider Chicago.  I’d make the 90-minute drive in a blizzard to see you guys.  I mean it.


Writer’s block sucks.

Published February 6, 2015 by authorbebedora

I’ve been working on the same paragraph of one of my fanfiction pieces for close to a month.

Awesome, I know.

But here’s the thing:  it’s not for lack of trying.  I just can’t seem to get the words to cooperate.  The outline is there.  The ideas are there.  The characters are there–more often than not impatiently waiting for me to put them in some (usually dire) situation.

For a while, I thought it was because I had too many pieces going at once.  I mean, let’s face it–two multi-chapter fics, plus five oneshots in various stages of completion, plus beta work, not to mention my own original piece…that’s a lot.  But then I realized I actually work better when I’ve got a lot on my plate.

There have been many a night where I have both a Star Trek and Final Fantasy VIII piece open on the desktop.  I flit back and forth between both of them, chugging along as I occasionally look up to watch my husband rob a bank or terrorize Los Santos with an ill-gotten tank.  (Goddamn, I love GTA.)

I don’t know why, but I find myself having the most problems concentrating when the house is quiet during the day.  This should be my prime time to write:  no loud kid, no constant begging for a snack or water or an ass-wiping.  But there I sit, staring out the window, mentally cursing Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy for being stubborn.  So, I switch to Final Fantasy and find myself angry at a certain Commander and his spunky colleague with her giant nunchaku.  I finally open my original work documents and make a little progress–I’ve come up with a list of the random-ass things I’ve found in the boy’s bed over the last few years.

Will it make a good chapter or “something” in my book?  Who the fuck knows?

All I do know at this point in time is that it’s cold in the house, I should probably do dishes, and if Captain Kirk doesn’t cooperate soon I’ll be forced to take drastic measures.

You hear that, Jimmy?


I guess my readers will enjoy that, though.  After all, Hurt!Jim is what I do best.